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Building empowerment, self-confidence and connection through candid education and compassionate advocacy for all families before, during and after pregnancy. TM

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Candid Education & Compassionate Advocacy

Childbirth Services


Beyond the basics, our classes are no baloney, comprehensive & engaging. Confident Birthing, Breastfeeding, Infant Care & other workshops are for you.

Doula Services


Your best birth can be had with the support and advocacy of a doula during labor and postpartum. We offer the highest level of service in Pittsburgh.

Yoga Services


From Prenatal to Mommy & Me, Hatha Flow and Relax and Restore, we’ve got a full spectrum of yoga classes to suit your needs. Become part of our yoga community.

Services Professionals


You can grow and achieve higher levels of professional success with our trainings, seminars and workshops for both childbirth professionals and yoga teachers.

Deena Blumenfeld a.k.a. Boss Lady

I have no shame and no filters and that’s what makes my classes so badass.

Nine years now, I’ve been working with pregnant families. I’ve seen it all and I get where you are coming from. I understand your needs and your fears, your hopes and your doubts.

I guarantee that I will always be honest with you and I will provide the information and resources you need to be successful in your birth and parenting goals.

Why Shining Light?

Since 2012, Shining Light has been the foremost independent provider of childbirth education, doula services and family support in the Pittsburgh area. We are the only place where you can find education, yoga, and support services from fertility through pregnancy and childbirth and into early parenthood under one roof.

This continuity of care, combined with the highest level of service offered in Allegheny County, provides you with all of the resources you need under one roof.

Our classes are intentionally small to better treat our clients as individuals. This also allows our instructors to customize classes as needed. This small class size also gives you the ability to ask your questions in a safe environment and to make strong connections with your classmates.

We support your needs by providing evidence-based information in a warm, open and accessible manner. Add in a bit of yoga and you’ve got full preparation for birth and beyond.

All families and family structures are welcome.

Support Mothers and Families and Grow Your Career

Whether you already work with pregnant or new mothers or you are looking to do so, Shining Light has the tools you need.

We offer the Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator training for those who desire to teach childbirth education (CBE). Lamaze is the oldest and most respected name in the field as well as being the only nationally accredited CBE organization.

The Doula Mentorship program with transform you into the labor support person you wish to be with some serious perks to go with it.

Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and other continuing education workshops are for current yoga teachers to further their careers.

What are you waiting for?

Private Classes and Coaching

Once upon a time, there was a pregnant mother who’s schedule was a bit crazy. She and her partner decided that they needed a childbirth class on their terms and that a private session was the best way to meet their goals.

There was also a family who was rather high-profile and wasn’t comfortable in a group class. So, they scheduled a private childbirth class.

Then there was the family who had some rather unique medical complications who needed some TLC and they, too, scheduled a private class.

Yet another family wanted to try to get pregnant, but they were apprehensive and needed guidance to work through their worries and create the emotionally safe environment they needed for a baby. Yes, they also scheduled some private coaching.

The joy of a private class, or personal coaching, is that you get exactly what you know you need and a number of things you didn’t know you needed till you got started. Work with me, and together, we’ll fill those needs such that you are confident and ready for what lies ahead.

Yoga Classes for Everyone

Prenatal Yoga

Our signature yoga class! Prenatal Yoga provides continuity throughout a woman’s pregnancy while creating community with other mothers.

Mommy & Me Yoga

Postpartum, it’s a challenge to get out without the baby. In this class, you can bring baby, get some yoga in and meet other parents.

Fertility Yoga

For those trying to conceive a baby, this gentle class is for you. Soothe your body while your spirit gains the freedom it needs to be open to a baby.

Hatha, and more!

We offer a number of other non-heated yoga classes for everyone at every skill level. Grab your mat (or borrow one of ours) and get your yoga on!

A Little Love from One of Our Families

“Our little one has finally arrived and we wanted to thank you for all of the information you gave us during our classes.

I specifically wanted to thank you for your lessons on communication skills because despite having a prolonged and stressful labor I never felt like I didn’t have a choice or that my doctors weren’t doing everything they could to help me labor naturally.” 

– Kate and Justin

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