B. and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every class of yours that we attended. We will definitely be back when it’s time for #2 and you’ll definitely be seeing me and Baby S. at some Mommy and Me yoga classes sometime this Summer. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us, we feel informed and ready to go!

~ M.S., April 2013


“Hi, I just wanted to recommend Shining Light if you are thinking of yoga classes. I went twice, once for prenatal yoga and once for a baby and I class and the instructor, Gallina, is very sweet, compassionate and patient (my toddler was super excited to see all those ‘toys’ and going all over the place, and she dealt with it in an admirable way).

I enjoyed both classes a lot, so if you are thinking of it be confident that the classes are very good. Plus when you buy a package the price is unbeatable.”

~ C. E. November 2012


“I just wanted to thank you for the 2nd Time Around: Confident Birthing Refresher we took with you a few months ago. We were one of the two VBAC couples in the class, and we had a successful VBAC with a baby girl weighing 8 lb 15 oz!! She waited until 41.5 weeks before deciding to arrive, and I went into labor 24 hours before a scheduled induction.

I will say that your class was very helpful, especially the review of stages of labor, the advice to move around often, and the techniques with the exercise ball… Thank you again for sharing all your knowledge and advice. I’d be happy to recommend your class!”

~ A.L. September 2012


“Passion and creativity seem to go hand-in-hand. When a teacher is passionate about their subject matter they are confident and free to convey the material in an authentic way that suits them and their students. Two teachers who had these qualities and impacted me were a college history professor, and local yoga teacher, Deena Blumenfeld… Deena is another teacher who has had a great impact on me. My husband and I first took her partner pre-natal yoga class early during the first trimester, then I routinely attended her pre-natal yoga class throughout my entire pregnancy. Through her passion, Deena inspired me to prepare my body and mind for birth through yoga as well as question the status quo of the standard hospital birth and empower me to set my own goals for how my baby’s birth would take place. Deena literally helped influence a major part of my life through the yoga preparation for birth and through the tools she equipped me with to be confident in gathering the support team I needed and wanted for a natural birth.”

~ L.M. August 2012


“A big thank you too for all the yoga classes and the birth class. They really came in helpful. I told my husband yesterday, one of my internal mantras during the experience was ‘strong and steady for ourselves, strong and steady for our baby.’ I know it helped.

I’ll miss the Thursday classes! But I’ll be back soon for Mommy & Me and hopefully some of the day-time meet up groups.”

~ B.G., June 5, 2012


“Highly suggest this class! (2nd Time Around – Confident Birthing Refresher) Took it during my 2nd pregnancy for my first natural unmedicated childbirth. Learned so much and got a ton of information that really helped myself and husband. Had the baby yesterday completely drug free and full of confidence thanks to Deena!!!!!”

~ K.P. April 2, 2012


“I just wanted to tell you that you really inspired me. My labor and delivery was not at all like I had planned or imagined in fact it was the exact opposite. But, I remembered your words that no decision that I make for me and my child can be wrong. I look back upon it as the most wonderful experience which gave us our most priced possession: a cute little boy, 6 lbs 13 oz.”

~ K. November 2011


“Our labor experience was the best experience of my life. I felt so close to (my husband) and so supported! I think it’s the closest we have ever been and we used every technique we learned in your class. Also, when I was getting the epidural, the song that came up on our MP3 player right as he was doing it was ‘Long Time Sun’. I took that as a sign and was at peace with our decision for the epidural. Again, not what I expected, but I think the yoga and your class taught me to accept things and honor the process. I truly wouldn’t change a thing and it’s definitely the best experience of my life!!!

My take home message for anyone in the class is to just be open and that I just felt incredibly close to my husband and will cherish that experience. I miss your yoga class!”

~ E. October 2011


“Thank you so much for all your encouragement and wisdom. I learned so much from you and I was instilling tools within myself from yoga that I wasn’t even aware of. I kept reciting our opening meditation in between contractions. I was lion breathing-which my husband was wondering what on earth I was doing and if I was okay. And I kept telling myself that I could handle any contraction my body threw at me because I could manage my keep up exercises ; ). It’s funny how that came into play because boy oh boy did I want something to take that pain away… Thanks so much, Deena, for everything. You truly are a saving grace!

~ S. October 2011


“Thank you for all of your support from all the way back to week 7 when E. and I came to the Prenatal Partner Yoga class, for Lamaze, and all of the pre-natal yoga all the way through week 38. I could list all of the things that I learned that I was able to apply while in labor, but it would be so long. Mainly, being educated ahead of time and just being able to get into the right mindset and focus on breathing during the big event got me through it all to the perfect ending of our beautiful son and gave me the natural birth that I so wanted.

~ L., June 2011


“First, I want to thank you for all the information and knowledge that you were able to pass on to Doug and I. We entered into this adventure with our eyes wide open and the confidence to be able to handle any situation that came up. As a result, we were able to roll with everything that came our way and make educated decisions as a team. Even though our birth plan went out the window, we were still able to have a WONDERFUL experience.”

~ A. and D., March 2011