Lock in the 2015 class prices! Prices go up Jan 1st

January 2016 marks Shining Light’s fourth anniversary in Lawrenceville. I’ve always considered my business to be my 3rd baby (my other babies are 10 and 6). As all babies grow, the way we parent and tend to them evolves.

“I wanted to thank you again for the amazing classes!
I cannot stress how impressed both Matt and I were with the quality of these classes, the interactive style in which they are taught, and your abundant knowledge on all things baby/pregnancy.”

Our classes are comprehensive, evidence-based and supportive. Our service is unparalleled. We work with families of all types and structures. As a small business, we have the flexibility to be more accommodating than does a larger institution. Whether you are looking for a natural birth, choose an epidural or schedule your c-section, we support you.

I love having this Center in Lawrenceville. The community has always been very welcoming. Many of our students walk to class. Our bright, open space always elicits a joyous response from students as they walk in. The natural sunlight we get during the day enlivens not just the space itself, but our collective moods.

Beyond the physical space, there is an emotional connection. Our students connect with one another and with our teachers here. This is a long lasting community, not just of students, but of friends.

“Thank you so much for your support, the classes were tremendously helpful and my husband and I definitely referred back to that information dozens of times during this wild journey. I hope you are doing well, I definitely miss the community that Shining Light has gathered together!”

So, I wanted to give you the heads up that come Jan 1st, our rent goes up. To ensure we can continue to offer you the same high-quality classes, workshops and support groups in our much-loved location, prices will go up on Jan 1, 2016.

Lock in your 2015 prices by purchasing your classes, workshops or packages before Jan 1st. You will be able to get the 2015 prices for 2016 classes.

“Hands down the best class (Confident Birthing) I took before my baby. It prepares you for every kind of birth situation and gave me confidence to pursue my natural birth.”
~ Sarah

See you at the Center!