packagesContinuity and community are the keys to success when it comes to preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. Continuity of service means having the same core group of instructors, with the same messages of openness, support and evidence-based information. Know that we at Shining Light Prenatal Education support all of our student’s choices regarding their pregnancies and their births.

Community is found by taking the same sets of classes, with the same pregnant women (and couples) over time. When you find yourself in class with a woman in Yoga for Fertility and then you see her again in Prenatal Yoga, Confident Birthing and Meditations for Labor, it becomes easy to find common ground and form a friendship. That friendship often extends to baby playdates and outings. Many couples find that the friendships they make in their classes during pregnancy will last a lifetime.

So, please join us in class and begin your journey from fertility through pregnancy and into parenthood.

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  • NOURISH your Pregnancy Packages

    icon-6-in-NourishYour pregnancy is a transformative journey from woman to mother.  That moment of birth is a powerful, life-changing moment.  Learn how to light your path so that your experience is positive and fulfilling.  NOURISH your pregnancy with yoga, meditation, and childbirth preparation.  Our core groupings of classes will help you become confident and prepared for childbirth, and beyond.

    You may choose any of these classes within 365 days (1 yr) from date of purchase.  Please log into your MindBody account for Shining Light Prenatal Education and select the dates that work best for you.  You must pre-register for the individual workshops to ensure your space.
    Note: You may just drop in to any Prenatal Yoga class, no pre-registration required.

    I believe:

    Elaine sleeping on Dad, 1 hr after birth

    Elaine sleeping on Dad, 1 hr after birth

    Our babies choose us to be their parents. They know that we are the perfect people to raise them in the way they need to be raised. We are a stage of their journey, and they are a stage in ours.

    Our babies choose their time to be conceived. Whether they are conceived the old-fashioned way, or they need a little medical help, they choose when they are ready to begin their journey to earth.

    Our babies choose their birthdays. They know exactly how long they need to grow in their mother’s wombs. Some babies need to be born right around their due dates. Some need to be born later, others earlier. Some do need to come out of their cozy home earlier than is medically advisable – premature. Others know they need some outside medical help to bring them into their parents’ arms.

    Our babies communicate their needs to us. The key is that we need to be willing to listen.

    Mothers, close your eyes and sit still. Use your breath to bring you into your body’s sensations. Place your hands on your belly and feel. There is no “do”, just feel. Find the quiet space between your breaths. Allow yourself to believe what you feel. Your baby is a sentient creature. Your baby knows what they need for pregnancy and for birth.

    Babies tell us what they need during pregnancy through our food cravings; our need for sleep and rest and their kicks and wiggles.

    Babies tell us what they need during labor and birth through their heart rate (steady, erratic, slow, fast or regular); their movements during labor; the feelings we have of calm and steadiness or the feelings of anxiety and worry. They will tell us by letting us know a certain position during labor feels “good” or “right” and another position feels “wrong” or “off” to our bodies.

    Babies tell us how they need to be born. They tell us whether they are content being born vaginally or if they need a little assistance. They tell us if they need to be born via cesarean section. If we listen, we will hear.

    Mothers, tune in to your babies. Be present and pay attention. Their communication is subtle and gentle, like “vibe” you get. Or, it can be an obvious sign like a baby who is persistent breech. 

    When we can let go of a little bit of the need to control our pregnancies and our births, we allow our babies to have the births they need. In turn, it will be the birth we need to have. Our paths are laid out before us. When our journeys involve another person (our babies), sometimes we are on their path and not our own. When we let go just a bit, we find we are more comfortable and more open to our birth experience for what it is, not for what it could be.

    Mothers, listen to your babies for they will tell you what you need to know.

    Want to learn how to better tune in to your baby? Come to Prenatal Yoga, Meditations for Labor and Confident Birthing. We can help you find the stillness. 

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