classes-slpePrenatal Yoga, Confident Birthing, and Babywearing classes, oh my! Check out our comprehensive line up of classes and workshops. You’ll find all of our Fertility, Pregnancy and Early Parenting classes and workshops here. You can pick and choose the classes that best suit your needs and sign up individually.

Most of our workshops run every 6-8 weeks, so don’t forget to check the schedule a bit farther out to find what you are looking for. Have questions about our classes and workshops? Visit the FAQ for answers: Prenatal Yoga FAQChildbirth classes FAQThe Fine Print.

Looking for a class and don’t see it on our schedule? Have a suggestion to help us build our line up of classes? Do contact us!

  • Class Schedule

    Shining Light Prenatal Education offers regularly scheduled weekly yoga classes including Prenatal Yoga and Mommy & Me Yoga.


    Special Events

    Upcoming Special Events: Some are here at Shining Light, others are elsewhere in the Pittsburgh area that you may find interesting. Check them out!

    Meet the Doulas

    Shining Light Doulas, PittsburghComing soon!

    Come join us for this free event and see if our doulas are a good fit for your birth. You’ll be able to meet and mingle with our seven doulas and get a taste of their personalities while noshing on some light refreshments.

    This is an open house event, so bring your friends and family and spread the word! Learn more about our Doula services on our website. Partners and children are welcome to attend.

    Pediatric CPR & AED Training/Certification

    Pittsburgh CPRComing soon!

    Do you know how to respond if your child or infant is choking, stops breathing, or goes into cardiac arrest? It’s worth the time to get the proper training and get certified!

    Join Pittsburgh CPR and Shining Light Prenatal Education for an outstanding opportunity to gain skills that may help you save your child’s life!

    Click here for more information and to register.

    Sound Journey Through Gongs and Himalayan Bowls with Crown of Eternity

    Crown of Eternity Sounds at Shining Light Prenatal Education, Pittsburgh PA2 Sessions: 4-5:30 pm | 6:00-7:30 pm

    Cost per session: $20 in advance | $25 there after

    Join gong lovers, yogis, and healers, Gallina and Mike Tamburo from Pittsburgh’s Crown of Eternity as you vibrate and tune into your inner self-healer, inviting a state of harmony and bliss. Bathe in waves of sound from multiple gongs, bells and metal singing bowls. The deep complex harmonics of multiple gongs quickly silence the mind and entrain the brain into a spontaneous state of deep meditation. The rhythmic sound oscillations of therapy grade Himalayan bowls placed on or around the body penetrate into the tissues and are often experienced as a full body sound massage that allows us to let go—letting go of stress, worries, anxieties, doubt, fears and feelings that have a negative effect on our health and life. Listeners often describe out of body experiences, seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, past life impressions, expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness. We will begin to prepare the body to enter a state of healing and receptivity through the sacred practices of guided meditation, breathwork, or deep listening. We will then relax deeply to the sounds of multiple gongs for a vibrational experience like no other!!!
    Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or cushion for your comfort for an extended period of lying on the floor.  A limited amount of chairs will be available, however the session is best received lying down.

    Space is limited! These events often sell out.  Advance registration is strongly advised!!!

    To reserve your spot, click on the date below:

    Group Reiki Circle

    Reiki, PittsburghLast Monday of every month, beginning Nov 30
    Price – Donation from the heart

    This Reiki Circle is open to everyone, whether you are familiar with Reiki, are energy friendly, or exploring alternative healing options. Results of receiving a Reiki treatment may be reduced stress, acceptance of major life transitions, removal of things that are no longer serving you a purpose, and many more.

    Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. Reiki is not a massage but a technique of lying on hands while the client is fully clothed.

    For nine years Kitsy Higgins has been practicing Reiki. Three years ago she shifted her life to follow her passion, to own a Reiki business. Her goal is to introduce people to Eastern medicine, and help them find ways to a more peaceful life. Kitsy lives in Lower Burrell with her 3 year old son and husband.

    Kitsy Higgins – Reiki Master Teacher & Psychic Medium, 412-422-8447

    Music Together

    Music Together PittsburghThis class is ongoing. New session begins Sept 17, 2015

    Babies class 9:30 am

    Mixed Ages class 10:30 am

    For more information and to register, please visit Music Together First Notes

    Gift Cards

    giftcardLooking for that perfect baby shower gift or gift to congratulate new parents? Look no further!

    A gift card for Shining Light Doulas and Shining Light Prenatal Education will help the recipient pay for her much needed Doula. She can also choose the package or classes that are right for her.

    Gift cards can be purchased in any amount and emailed directly to the recipient. You can also print out your gift card to give directly. Purchase a gift card today to help an expectant or new mom become more confident on her journey into parenthood.

    Purchase a Gift Card