Six things you can do to have a Safe and Healthy Birth

There is a lot of evidence to support best practices during pregnancy, labor and birth. However, the care pregnant women receive doesn’t always match the research.

These 6 simple steps an help you have a safe and healthy birth:

Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth PracticesInfographic courtesy of Lamaze International

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The Space Between, Finding the Stillness in Labor

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There is a moment; one small moment that opens into stillness before it closes and brings us back to the work at hand. It is the space between the inhale and the exhale. It is the space between the exhale and the inhale. It is the briefest moment of stillness and quiet before the cycle begins again. Often we don’t notice that space between. We instead focus on the action, the work, and not the pause. Silence and stillness is where we find clarity and calm.

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Babywearing vs. Baby Gear: A thoughtful comparison

guest post by Laura McCarthy, Babywearing Guru

Who knew having a tiny baby involves so much stuff?

I attended a baby shower this past weekend and even having two young kids myself, was surprised by the amount of gadgets and gizmos the new family received for their soon-to-arrive baby. The mom and dad-to-be had to enlist extra vehicles to take home the larger gifts, and were scratching their heads about where to put everything in their modestly-sized home. Space is a premium for many of us city dwellers, and it can be a challenge to find the room for all those baby items we accumulate. [Read more...]

FAQ – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What makes this prenatal yoga teacher training different from other prenatal yoga teacher trainings I might find?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Pittsburgh cat-cow

A: This training will not only cover the asana, pranayama and dhyana for pregnancy, fertility and postpartum, but it will also delve into the social and emotional components of pregnancy and birth.

As prenatal yoga teachers, we are very high-touch with our students. We see our pregnant mothers weekly throughout their whole pregnancies and often develop trusting relationships with these mothers. Mothers often open up to their prenatal yoga teachers and to other students in class about what they are going through during their pregnancies, their fears and their wishes.

As prenatal yoga teachers we are in a unique place to influence not only a mother’s physical preparation for birth (and her recovery) but her social and emotional preparation (and recovery) as well. This training will prepare you to be a guide for pregnant women on their journey to motherhood. [Read more...]

Childbirth is work. To work you need energy. To get energy you do this…


The definition of labor is “work”.

If we are to work; we need energy.

Energy comes from food.

If you don’t eat you won’t have energy.

Without energy the work of giving birth becomes more difficult and more painful.

Let’s break it down:Lamaze Restricted Food DrinkInfographic courtesy of Lamaze International.