Pregnant Couples Needed to Star in a Movie for Lamaze International

Pregnant Couples needed for Lamaze MovieI am so honored that Lamaze International choose Shining Light Prenatal Education to be the site of the filming of their new educational video! Along with three other fantastic Lamaze educators, I will be showcasing my skills in this video. I’d be thrilled if you would join me as participants in this video. We are in need of pregnant couples to be extras! All the details are below. ~Deena

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New Video – Tips for Childbirth: Pelvic Floor Awareness Breath

Prenatal Yoga with Deena BlumenfeldLast Friday (Sept. 19) I taught two sessions at the Lamaze DONA Conference. I taught both a morning Prenatal Yoga session and an afternoon small business session. I had some fantastic feedback from all of my session attendees. There were 39 attendees at morning yoga and a bit more at the small business session. Amazing!

After the yoga session was finished, a number of the attendees were asking about that “Pelvic Floor Breathing thing”. This is something I teach in all of my Prenatal Yoga classes as well as in Confident Birthing, my Lamaze class.  I was politely badgered about a video for this for the rest of my time at the conference. So, here it is!

This video is intended for both pregnant women and for childbirth educators, doulas and other birth professionals. I hope that my colleagues will share this video with their students, clients and patients to help them better build awareness at the pelvic floor and learn how to push more effectively during labor.

Six things you can do to have a Safe and Healthy Birth

There is a lot of evidence to support best practices during pregnancy, labor and birth. However, the care pregnant women receive doesn’t always match the research.

These 6 simple steps an help you have a safe and healthy birth:

Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth PracticesInfographic courtesy of Lamaze International

We can help you have a safe and healthy birth. Sign up for our Confident Birthing (Lamaze) class today!

The Space Between, Finding the Stillness in Labor

Image courtesy of

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There is a moment; one small moment that opens into stillness before it closes and brings us back to the work at hand. It is the space between the inhale and the exhale. It is the space between the exhale and the inhale. It is the briefest moment of stillness and quiet before the cycle begins again. Often we don’t notice that space between. We instead focus on the action, the work, and not the pause. Silence and stillness is where we find clarity and calm.

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Babywearing vs. Baby Gear: A thoughtful comparison

guest post by Laura McCarthy, Babywearing Guru

Who knew having a tiny baby involves so much stuff?

I attended a baby shower this past weekend and even having two young kids myself, was surprised by the amount of gadgets and gizmos the new family received for their soon-to-arrive baby. The mom and dad-to-be had to enlist extra vehicles to take home the larger gifts, and were scratching their heads about where to put everything in their modestly-sized home. Space is a premium for many of us city dwellers, and it can be a challenge to find the room for all those baby items we accumulate. [Read more...]