A doula softens a mother’s fears about her upcoming birth.

When a first birth doesn’t go as planned and a mother feels hurt, lost and afraid, she turns to her doula, Anneliese, for mentoring and support. Through her compassion and attentiveness, Anneliese lights this mother’s path so her fears are dissolved and she can move forward with grace and confidence to her upcoming birth with her second child.

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Babywearing mistakes and an easy and safe fix

This is a guest post from our resident babywearing expert, Laura McCarthy,. Enjoy!

Babywearing done correctly

Babywearing done correctly

The internet is a difficult place for new parents.  Social media use encourages photo sharing, then opens us up to criticism from a very wide audience. Just in the past few months, several photos have surfaced of parents proudly wearing their young babies in various carriers.  The inevitable comments about these photos were spread far and wide, many pointing out flaws.  As a babywearing teacher looking at the pictures, I recognize some babywearing technique that can be improved upon.  I also see the photos as an opportunity to discuss the importance of babywearing education and support.

Making mistakes is how we humans learn virtually everything, and babywearing is no exception.   In a babywearing class, families can make mistakes in the presence of an understanding and trained teacher.  This trained babywearing educator will demonstrate proper technique with a variety of carriers, and give lots of opportunity for families to practice and improve. When they leave, the families will be armed with quality information and have the confidence that comes with practice.  They will also have a trusted source of information and support when future questions arise, now that they know their local babywearing educator.

Laura, the class was wonderful! So helpful. I was a bit of an anxious babywearer before you gave us concrete skills and tips. I went right out and got a ring sling and now I’m wearing my little one all the time. Thank you! – Julie F.

We can prevent the barrage of internet criticism with quality education, support and practice.  Talking to a babywearing group leader, taking a babywearing class or purchasing a private consultation can prevent many babywearing mistakes from happening in the first place. Baby will be safer, caregivers will have peace of mind and the images spread on the internet will show more and more families babywearing safely and comfortably.

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Tell us, in the comments below: What common mistakes do you see others making when they wear their babies?

An unintended guest at a birth mitigated by a Doula’s grace.

Sometimes we want additional friends or family members to join us for our births. Other times, we’d prefer birth to be a more private event. Margaret, one of our Shining Light Doulas, shares a story of an unintended guest and how she gracefully managed a challenging situation and turned it around to be a positive experience for mom, dad and the unintended guest.

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A Confident Cesarean Birth with a Doula

Sometimes things don’t go they way we plan. However, when we have good support during birth from our partners, our care providers and our doulas we can still have a confident experience. Melanie tells us a story of just such a birth.

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A Doula story of empowerment and calm from Amanda

Birth stories, from all perspectives, are integral into a mother’s perception of labor and childbirth. Stories connect us and bind us in joy, sadness, anger or elation. It’s the stories that humanize an experience.

Shining Light Doula, Amanda Guntrum, has a story for you. She tells us of a recent birth she attended and how profoundly empowered both mom and dad felt due to her calm presence.

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